updated 27 / 05 / 2017

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Lenín Moreno Inaugurated as New President of Ecuador

Lenín Moreno was inaugurated today, May 24, as the new President of Ecuador in a ceremony held within the National Assembly, with several Latin American leaders on hand.

Heberprot-P Arrives in the EU

A delegation of Cuban health professionals arrived to Slovakia May 24, where they will offer assistance in the application of Heberprot-P, a unique medication developed by the island’s Genetic Engineering...

Hostile U.S. Policy Deals Another Blow

The U.S. government's hostile policy toward Cuba was made evident once again when, on May 15, visas were denied for members of the University of Pinar del Río's team to...

Need for Water Conservation in Pinar del Río

The reservoirs of Pinar del Rio are at 49 percent of its full capacity, and the rains of the past few days are exiguous for their recovery, hence the call...

Pinar del Rio

Need for Water Conservation in Pinar del Río

The reservoirs of Pinar del Rio are at 49 percent of its full capacity, and...


Islamic State Claims Attack on Manchester Stadium

The terrorist group Islamic State (EI) claimed today the terrorist attack in a stadium in...


Puerto Rican Independence Fighter Oscar Lopez Thanks Cuba Support

Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar López Rivera thanked Cuba and his people for all the...

Entertainment & Arts

Those who Make Cuban Music Honored

A group of respected Cuban musicians were awarded the National Culture Distinction last night, May...

Adalberto Álvarez Gives Concert in Pinar del Rio

The band Adalberto Alvarez y su Son  gave a grand finale to La Guarapachanga music...

La Guarapachanga Festival Begins

La Guarapachanga Music Festival began yesterday in Pinar del Río as a well deserved homage...

Cuba's Much-Awaited Festival of French Film

Twenty years ago now, director Christophe Barratier and his colleagues at Cinemania organized a modest...

UNESCO Acknowledges High Quality of Cuban Jazz Musicians

The celebrations on the International Day of Jazz held in Cuba are an acknowledgement of...

Cuban National Ballet to Begin Presentations in Spain

The National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) will begin a three-month European tour in Spain tomorrow...


Cuban Pitching Needs Improvement

Since its emergence in the second half of the 19th century, baseball has featured nine...

Five Cuban Players Sign with Can-Am League

Five Cuban baseball players that will participate in the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball...


La Beisbolera: a Different Option

On 61-A Gerardo Medina street of the city of Pinar del Río, José Roque (Pepe) shares his love for baseball and for the local team in a very exclusive way...

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