updated 23 / 07 / 2018

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A Fifth of the Cuban Population is over 60 Years of Age

The Cuban population over 60 years of age is now reaching 2,219,784 persons in total, which represents 19.8 percent -a fifth- of the total population of Cuba, reported the National Office for Statistics and Information (ONEI).

ONEI said that aging in Cuba as a trend will keep on increasing uninterruptedly in the coming years, and so, the segment of young and adolescent people, will decrease.

The report says that Cuba went through from 11.3 percent of people with 60 years or more in 1985, up to almost a fifth of the total population in 2016, so, in a segment of 31 years through, aging increased in 8.5 percentual points.

'From the territorial point of view all the provinces of the country have old age rates over 15 percent, being Guantanamo and the Isle of Youth, the youngest territories, in spite of having values of adulthood of 17,3 and 17,6 respectively', pointed out the text.

On the other hand, the official investigation revealed that the relation between the 60-year-old population and more, being compared to the younger than 14 years, presents values over the national average in the west and center, except the provinces of Artemisa and Ciego de Avila.

On the contrary, in the localities of the oriental region, the tendency becomes stable, and the above mentioned proportion reaches its lowest values.

The Division of Population of the United Nations, estimated that Barbados and Cuba, will be the most aged countries of Latin America and the Caribbean Sea in the immediate perspective.

In the case of Cuba, the ONEI added that the nation has the fecundity average below the substitution level, that is to say, less than one daughter a woman, for 38 years now.

This means that the 0-14-year-old population has been diminishing, compared to the whole, and because of the low mortality, the proportion of 60-year-old or over persons increased.

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