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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

The Holocaust of a Woman

Heidy Perez BarreraGetting out of the country was never a plan, she even resisted to the idea of waking up in a place that an hour later would take her to the same college where she was trained as a teacher by conviction and vocation.

African Migration: What’s Behind it?

GranmaThey ask him, “Have you forgotten something?” and the emigrant responds “I wish!” in the shortest tale in the world. This phrase suffices to express the spirit of migration, a global phenomenon that, according to headlines tinged with red, has cost the lives of at least 18,500 people over the past three years. At the close of 2016, statistics from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported a total of 7,495 victims that year. In other words, 40.5% of the deaths which have occurred over the past three years took place last year, marked from its beginning by migratory waves from, among other places, Africa.

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We are Pinar

Dayelin Machin MartinezEvery time I go to another province and say where I live, people start making jokes. All of them making reference to our alleged foolishness.


Ramon Brizuela RoqueThis kind summer that gives more heat than ever, might be good for the Europeans that search for a tan skin in Varadero, but in Pinar del Rio, what we need is to refresh ourselves, both body and mind.

No Greater Right than Health

Ramon Brizuela Roqueis with the human rights' speech that the United States intends to crash other peoples and rises as a paladin, when in fact they are the first to violate them. No right is more important than health, since without it one cannot work, produce and make politics.

Our City

Yolanda Molina PerezMany people are gladly talking about the first news of the program of actions designed by the Provincial Administration Council (CAP) aimed at the 150 anniversary of the city, but the surprising thing is that the majority expect for others to do the miracle.

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